WVU lucky to cash in on Big 12 check when it did

It was just less than a year ago that West Virginia settled a multimillion-dollar lawsuit and finally reached an agreement to exit the Big East Conference and join the Big 12 Conference in nearly all sports effective last July.

This move would have an enormous fiscal effect. In fact, once the Mountaineers begin earning a full revenue share in the conference in 2016, they’ll almost certainly be earning more than $20 million a year just for being a resident member of the Big 12.

That’s nearly three times the average compensation from revenue sharing in West Virginia’s former conference, the Big East, which means that after just a few years, the Mountaineers will undoubtedly make millions and millions more than they would have had they remained in the slowly sinking Big East – which is, in fact, now closer to a three-ring circus than a Power Six collegiate athletic conference.

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