WVU Football: Should the Mountaineers Have Helmet Decals for Outstanding Games Again?

WVU Football: Should the Mountaineers Have Helmet Decals for Outstanding Games Again?

A few years ago you could tell who the Mountaineers best players were by the little musket stickers on the back of the WVU helmets.  Somewhere along the way they disappeared.

Many teams still have them as an award for an outstanding game. Have you ever noticed the little tomahawks on the back of the FSU helmets? Or the bone on the helmets of the Georgia Bulldogs?

Many teams use them and most are tasteful and not outlandish. Ohio State must put those little leaves on players’ helmets for participation.  It seems as though all the helmets are covered with them. I do not like that.

One of my article commenters mentioned that in keeping with the WV heritage a pick and shovel patch should be on WVU players’ jerseys. It would go with the large chunk of coal on the man walk, wouldn’t it? I’m not sure the NCAA would approve.

It occurred to me that it might be nice to use that idea to reinstate outstanding game stickers on the WVU helmets. Rather than go back to the muskets, I think a small round decal with the coal miners pick and shovel would better display our heritage. It would also recognize the sacrifices of the many coal miners throughout the state’s history.

I recognize that some teams overdo them to the point of almost making the helmet design unrecognizable. As in Ohio State, FSU, Stanford and a few others.

I propose that each Mountaineer should start each season with a bare helmet. After a game in which the player graded over 90 for his performance he would have a single decal on the back of his helmet.

After 6 games, no player could possibly have more than 5 decals. And only very few would qualify for that many. That way, even in the bowl game no player could have more than 11 decals. It would probably be unlikely for even Charles Sims or Karl Joseph to have all 11.

Let’s recognize truly outstanding play and our Mountaineer heritage. But let’s not overdo it. Come on Stanford, does any player really earn 30 decals? I don’t think so.

George O’Brien had the pick and shovel idea, and I think it’s a good one. I believe it should be on the helmets.

What do you think?  Comments or debate are always welcome and appreciated.

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