Spanning the Big 12: Five questions with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Gina Mizell: What’s the vibe around Morgantown about WVU’s move to the Big 12, now that we’re really getting close to the season kicking off? Are the expectations to win the conference in Year 1?

Jenn Menendez: The fans are beyond excited for the season to start and absolutely think this team can win the league. They are still riding the Orange Bowl win over Clemson and bought tickets in droves. The team is playing it cool, and saying all the right things, but you can certainly tell there’s a level of anticipation that hasn’t been felt around here in a long time. The coaches are more tempered in their optimism but, also, you can tell there is change in the air.

GM: Geno Smith is the Big 12 preseason Player of the Year and an early Heisman candidate. For those of us who have never seen him play in person before, what makes him such a special quarterback? What are his chances of winning the Heisman?

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