Fox Sports is the straw that stirs the realignment drink

Put this one in solidly the ‘rumor mill’ category, especially given the source. But thought I would post anyway to humor us all.

Fox Sports has already had a role in shaking up college sports. From the role with the Catholic 7 to prodding the B1G to go after Maryland and Rutgers, Fox wants a bigger piece of the pie and it wants to take it from ESPN. Fox has really been lighting the fire under the Big 12 to go after certain ACC properties. While heavily invested in the Big 12, Pac 12 and the B1G, Fox has no financial relationship with the ACC, and this makes the ACC vulnerable. This raid is far from a certainty, however. It is no secret that the Big 12 would love the Florida exposure that would come with FSU and Miami, but both have made it clear that the Big 12 is an option of last resort and would be made only out of desperation. If the B1G and/or the SEC doesn’t raid the ACC first this off-season, the Big 12 looks to go into the college football playoffs with 10 members. Despite the mantra you hear repeated from Bowlsby & DeLoss Dodds, no one affiliated with the Big 12, especially Fox, wants this to happen.

It won’t happen. Fox wants the Big 12 in Florida.

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