Flip Side Of The Coin – Discussing The Big 12 & SEC Partnership

As some of you may have noticed, Matt and I tend to fall on opposite sides of an argument on a pretty regular basis. If you’re already familiar with that, you’re very likely also familiar with the fact that I’ve built myself a bit of a reputation here as our resident pessimist while Matt frequently tends to take a more positive outlook on things. Certainly not a bad thing, in fact it’s one of the things that makes this site (and others like it) such an enjoyable place to hang out. We can argue different sides of things while keeping it respectful, but at the end of the day we’re all still OU fans and we all still share that common allegiance.

Building off of those facts, we decided it might be a good idea for us to take our opposing view points and debate particular subjects to help pass the time this offseason. With several relevant topics in the news as of late, we chose to kick this off with last week’s news of the Big 12 and SEC partnership. But we’ll also be addressing specific areas of this Oklahoma football team in coming editions (assuming you all don’t boo us off the stage with this new “experiment”) as well.

So without further adieu . . .

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