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There are so many expansion articles I’m just going to post them all here for the sake of space and my own sanity.
The SEC needs Missouri more for image than for football

Missouri’s curators voted Tuesday to ponder the school’s Big 12 exit. Put simply, Missouri’s curators voted — unanimously, FYI — to bail on the Big 12. At issue now is what the school would bring to its new home, which is apt to be the SEC.

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Big 12 should allow Mizzou to join SEC, let consolidation play itself out

Just get it over with, college presidents.

We know a lot of you want to reshape the conferences, so just do it already. Unleash your inner Charles Darwins, fire up the Conference Natural Selection Machine and go crazy. You’re going to consolidate anyway, so why drag it out?

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Curators tell Missouri to look beyond the Big 12

Missouri has provided the strongest evidence yet that the Tigers will be the fourth team to bolt the fractured Big 12 Conference in less than two years.

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Time for Plan B: Save the Big 12

Five minutes into the news conference, and my stomach feels like a moldy burrito. Missouri is gone like cheap gas, or at least that’s the way it sounds from Chancellor Brady Deaton, who’s stepping down as chairman of the Big 12 board of directors so he can, in the words of the Missouri Board of Curators chairman, “fully explore options for conference affiliation.”

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Looking at ramifications of Mizzou’s move

Now that Missouri is openly eying exit strategies from the Big 12, it’s no longer idle speculation to wonder what events such a departure might set in motion, and to wonder what the ramifications might be for the University of Louisville and others.

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