Combine observations: Speed thrills

1. There is plenty of speed in the year’s class of receivers. According to NFL Network times, 30 of the 34 wide receivers who ran 40s clocked 4.5 or better. When the official times came in, 15 were credited with 4.5 times or better, which was still impressive. The big winner was West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin, who not only ran a blistering 4.34, but he caught the ball very well. Austin might have sprinted his way to the bottom of the first round. The consensus is that Cordarrelle Patterson of Tennessee and Keenan Allen of California are the sure first-round choices. Patterson didn’t hurt his cause by running a 4.42 40. Allen was injured and didn’t work out. Nevertheless, most believe they will both go in the first round because they are big receivers who can play the outside. Austin could be the next DeSean Jackson, only faster. He’s 5-foot-8, 174 pounds and is explosive and exciting. Eleven more receivers could go in rounds 2-4. What was evident Sunday is that most of the receivers have good size and great speed. Teams heading into this draft now don’t have to worry and panic about getting a quality athlete at receiver too early. Sunday’s track meet showed this draft has depth at the position even though many of the receivers looked raw in running precise routes.

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