Clint Trickett: Grab Your Helmet and Hang On, You Are Now the Starting Quarterback for WVU

Clint Trickett: Grab Your Helmet and Hang On, You Are Now the Starting Quarterback for WVU

An open letter to Clint Trickett from all Mountaineer fans everywhere:

It's time, Clint. This is the day you've been waiting for. Recently you've been wondering if it would ever come. But you are now the West Virginia University starting quarterback.

It doesn't matter how it happened, only that it did. Are you ready, I mean really ready? Let's face it, the last time you played for the Mountaineers you weren't ready. You thought you could get by on talent alone. It was only William and Mary. But you blew it. You either couldn't get the play calling signals or you weren't sure what they meant.

Coach Holgorsen has small hands and he signals so fast. You were confused against the Tribe, but you tried to fake it and it didn't work out. Yes, you had a dropped pass that may have changed things. Or would it have simply delayed the inevitible because you were not ready?

You're older and more mature than the other two WVU quarterbacks. You've been around college football your whole life. Remember Clemson or even Oklahoma? You played within yourself back then and you did very well.

But then there was Wake Forest where you tried too hard and the game went badly for you. You threw a couple of passes you shouldn't have and everything went downhill from there. FSU didn't give you much of a chance again after that.

But you never gave up. You stayed ready for the call and made the most of the chances you had with the Seminoles. Then that freshman  kid showed up when it was your time to start. I believe his name is Jameis Winston. He had a spring game for FSU that was beyond belief. 

So, here you are back home with your second chance at your second chance. You don't get another shot at a cupcake, sorry. This is the real deal. It's the 11th ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys and they will be coming after you. Go after them.

The Cowboys don't know you or what you've faced. They don't care about your efforts against Oklahoma when they were number one. They have no respect for the way you picked apart a ranked Clemson team as a redshirt freshman in a losing cause. That was then, this is now. Show them who you are.

You are the starting quarterback at West Virginia University. It doesn't matter that it took Ford's injury for you to get the job. It will be up to you to keep it or give it back, you know that. You don't have to be coach Holgorsen's next anybody. You can just be his first Clint Trickett with the Mountaineers. You have the talent, play within it.

You are also surrounded by some excellent players on your own team. They are mostly younger and will be looking to you for leadership and attitude. Give it to them.

Watch the coaches fingers and then read the defense. Help your playmakers make the plays. You don't have to be Superman. You've done this many times and you can do it again. Your dad said so.



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