3 p.m. update: What’s next for Stoopses, Venables?

Then there’s the Brent Venables curveball. And credit Tulsa’s Dave Sittler for unearthing that new information from Bob Stoops, because I had been told repeatedly, at every turn, that Venables was fine with Mike Stoops coming back. He was interested in getting back to the championship-contender level at OU and saw that as the best means to do so. (You’ve already seen Mike Stoops say things to that effect, as well. He’s referenced or mentioned Venables, by name.)

And maybe he’s OK with it, on some levels, but he understands that this would be certainly perceived by pretty much everyone as a demotion. Presuming it is considered as such, maybe that would limit Venables’ opportunities – especially as a head coach – in the future. I could see how Venables might want to avoid that, if he still maintains those aspirations.

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