14 – 38, Your Thoughts?

14 – 38, Your Thoughts?

Just an ugly, cold, miserable game.

I hate to see Geno, Tavon, Bailey and company go out like this, but if anyone was going to create a better scenario, it was going to be those guys.

Granted, we seemed to get a few truly bogus calls throughout the game, but we shat the proverbial bed on our own.

Believe it or not, I thought the defense played better at times. But, we’ve still got soooo many problems there that I’m worried about next season – regardless of any JUCOs we bring in. Offensively, it would’ve been nice to have Madsen, but the goober was too lazy to get the job done in the classroom.

On special teams, Bitancurt was his usual shanktastic self, averaging about 30 yards per punt.

Just disgusting, all the way around.

Here’s to hoping we get McEvoy and do some impressive stuff next year. Otherwise, Dana’s seat may begin to heat up.

Your thoughts?

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