Billy Hahn, a self-proclaimed ‘dinosaur’ of a coach, wants one more chance to be a full-time assistant

The lobby of the Hilton Riverside has all the warmth of an Applebee’s, with a lily-pad bar, dinging elevators and a statue of a trumpet player that seems to jump from the ferns if you glance the wrong way. But it is close to the convention center and even closer to the French Quarter, which makes it the ideal place for college basketball’s coaches to make it their headquarters during the Final Four.

And on the day before this season’s national semifinals, the Hilton lobby is clogged with opportunists and schemers, clad in double-knit golf shirts, school logos embroidered on the chest – all of them listening for rumors of jobs, looking to grab the next rung, anything that will keep them climbing. Billy Hahn hides behind them. He isn’t wearing a logo but rather a white dress shirt and blue shorts. His hair is slicked back. When he talks, his voice has the scratch of so many nights spent shouting on the sidelines.

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